Packaging Design

One of the most crucial aspects of a customer’s experience with a brand is the packaging. Your product’s packaging should demonstrate your desire to be seen as a leader in your field. It’s critical to think of packaging as an integral component of the total brand experience rather than as a separate element, whether you sell your products online or in person. They can alter how people feel about and interact with a brand depending on its texture, typeface, color, and composition. As a result, the packaging ought to face the same way.

Brand Identity design

Brand identity is an image of your business and your company in the eyes of customers. Packaging is one of the things that can introduce the identity and personality of the brand. You need to consider how you present your products to customers and whether that experience fits with your overall brand identity. The purpose of brand identity design is to tell your company’s story in a way that creates loyalty, awareness, and a sense of differentiation from other companies.

Graphic design and brand Visual identity

Designing a logo, a font, a color scheme, and appropriate imagery that can enhance how customers engage with the brand are all examples of creating a visual identity. Graphic design is crucial for product packaging in order to communicate ideas and create attraction. The combination of shape, color scheme, typography, and material choice helps the client see and understand the packaging. Customers are drawn to a store’s color and form, and letters and fonts assist the business to establish its personality.

Container design

The packaging’s design plays a key role in enhancing the circumstances around the product’s storage, transportation, marketing, and use scenarios. Using the proper packaging materials can help deliver the product to the end user in good shape at the lowest possible price. The most popular kind of packing is cardboard, which is available in a wide range of structures, such as boxes or tubes. Nevertheless, depending on how the product will be used, plastic, metal, glass, and other materials may also be employed.

Consultation and supervision of packaging production

Getting the right guidance for die-cut molds (packing boxes and cartons), container and bottle mold creation, and their production will help you develop the final product in accordance with what was done during the design process. Additionally, it’s important to schedule the packaging’s manufacture and production, and monitor the printing process.

Why Ekas?


We clarify the design issue for you by thoroughly comprehending customer needs and market research, and based on your preferences and our experience successfully communicating a brand's message through products, we design the desired packaging in the best way possible to achieve the best possible outcome in the market.


Knowing the available facilities is crucial in order to select the optimum materials and production techniques. You can create the best packaging for your product and obtain the best results in the marketing and sales strategy by becoming familiar with the newest and most cutting-edge technologies and materials on the market.

Supervision and Enforcement

We design to be distinct from the market and assist you in maintaining your brand's identity, graphics, and packaging design. As part of the manufacturing and production of the packaging with real-time monitoring, we also offer high-quality packaging in accordance with the current manufacturing facilities.

Design Process

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1.Framing, research, and analysis

Successful product sales and client acceptance require an accurate understanding of their needs and market research. One of the fundamental requirements for the design process is research, so the information gathered at this stage is kept in mind while designing and coming up with ideas in the following stages of the product design process. Ekas design Studio employs a variety of techniques in its search for an appropriate solution, including the examination of rival products, research on consumer behavior, and formulation of the issue in light of the needs of the client. Additionally, during this stage of design, the foundation and end objective of the project is taken into account as starting and continuing aspects. This data helps in the analysis of the problem statement and the completion of the design brief. Following the completion of the design brief, a design checklist is created to continue the design process.

2.Design and ideation

The final selected concepts are obtained during the design process, which starts completely divergent and creative. Following is a list of some of the common design trends and techniques used by Ekas studio:

Designing the product family in accordance with the identity and features buried in them, primary sketching for ideation, and giving design solutions combines the technical and functional principles of the designs with aesthetic principles. group ideation using techniques like body storming, brainstorming, etc. Collaborative design, using manual designs, computer modeling, and expert renderings, as well as taking into consideration the rules and standards of ergonomics and anthropometry connected to the product and the work environment.



One of the most vital phases of the design process is getting a 3D visualization of the product. The design team and the client may also need to view and touch the product before approving it in some cases. The Ekas design studio employs a variety of prototyping methods, including 3D and 2D printing, to show concepts more realistically and make the designers’ thought processes visible.

4.Evaluation and analysis

The Ekas team builds a prototype of the selected design and tests it in real-world settings. As part of this testing, user feedback is gathered on the packaging’s appearance, recognizability, usability, and transportation-related concerns, among other things. The Ekas team conducts this assessment based on criteria relating to manufacturing processes, packaging supplies, and production-related planning.

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5.Consulting and production planning

The Ekas team provides guidance to companies on pre-printing procedures, the provision of materials and the introduction of suppliers with reasonable costs, the processes involved in creating molds, production scheduling, and finally package assembly, and if necessary. We will supervise the manufacture of the product during the manufacturing process.

Packaging Design Projects

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