Product Design and Development

Industrial design is a profession that deals with creating new concepts in different areas of human life. Product design is the process of imagining, conceptualizing, testing, iterating and modifying a product so that it is ready for the end user. The industrial design and product development services at Ekas Studio help you ensure that dimensions, usability and material selection are optimized specifically for the end user. These considerations will help your customers choose your product among others in the market.

Ergonomics and Affordance

understanding customer behavior and needs are key elements for creating successful design solutions. Also, Considering ergonomics and standards provides a more pleasant experience for the user and determines the affordance for the purpose of the product.

Research and Design Strategy

As an experienced design team, we use a wide range of tools to create effective data that forms the basis of the design process. Also, to create a meaningful relationship between people, brands, products and their environment, we will determine an effective strategy towards the goals of your brand.

Design and Develop

Design is a creative process that provides a meaningful and presentable output of your product to the market through design expertise, methods and tools. We will be with you in the product design and development process, step by step, using our experience and knowledge in this field.

Prototyping and Production Consulting

production supervision is a part of the product design process, in which issues such as materials and production methods, design details, and the provision of manufacturing solutions are considered, which lead to more accurate implementation and higher quality of the product.

Why Ekas?


With a detailed understanding of customer needs and target market research, we clarify the design issue well for you and based on your request and our experience in conveying the brand message through the product, we present the desired design.


The design process goes step by step, initially in a general way and finally with the goal of reaching the selected concept to the final design that matches the main design factors.


Using innovation and creativity, industrial designer designs more efficient and beautiful products for a better future. Without creativity, product development has no meaning.

Design Process

پروژه در خدمات طراحی محصول Product Design

1. Define project and research

In this part, design brief is given to the employer and design strategies and purposes are clarified. Ekas design studio group always tries to find creative, economic and user centered solutions to make manufacturing companies’ products unique and different among other samples and products in the market. this issue is possible based on artistic experiences, technical information, human knowledge and on the other hand, creative and innovative methods. Successful sale and customers’ enthusiasm for purchasing needs accurate knowledge of customers’ needs and doing target market researches. Surveys and researches in design processes are one of the initial requirements. collected data in this step will be design and ideation criteria which will use in future phases of product design process. There are various methods which are utilized in Ekas design studio in the process of researching to achieve a proper response. Some of them are analyzing competitors’ products, surveying behavior of target groups and users and a description of the issue according to customers’ needs. Ekas design studio’s purpose in this design step is achieving complete factors to start and continue projects.

2. Designing and Ideation

Design processes are begun in an open and creative method. Ideation groups and selected final designs are reachable based on design strategies and goals in continuing the aforementioned method. A selection of design process and common ways of design processes in Ekas design studio are: Initial concepts and sketching for ideation and presenting design solutions, Combining technical and practical rules of designs with aesthetic fundamentals, Designing the family of products with consideration of hidden identities and properties, Ideation in groups based on brain storming methods, body storming and so on, Considering rules and ergonomic and anthropometric standards related to the product and work station, Consulting and accurate studying of materials and production methods to make ideas producible , Using real users in finalizing process of the product (Collaborative design), Sketching, 3D modelling and professional rendering.

و ایده پردازی در خدمات طراحی صنعتی ایکاس Product Design
ایده و طراحی جزئیات با استفاده از نرم افزار مدلسازی Product Design

3. Development and Detail Design

After determining final properties of design, we develop designs in terms of engineering design and detail design. This step includes selecting materials, determining manufacturing methods, assembling features, cost estimation and production duration. Ekas design studio’s designers are able to present products and components to customers with utilizing 3d modelling programs such as Rhinoceros and Solidworks.

4. Prototyping

Presenting and perceiving 3d visualization of products is one of the most important parts of design processes. Making models and prototypes of products provides the possibility of real and detail surveying of factors such as mechanism, form, ergonomic parameters and so on. Prototyping helps decrease cost, time and eliminate defects of design processes in every step to reach the final product.

اولیه یک محصول با استفاده از ورقکاری Product Design

5. Production and Consultation for Manufacturing

We change production limitations to special opportunities for your company and business. After detail designing of products, required information for manufacturing products including plan and tables of manufacturing and assembling, 3d models, codes of colors and final graphic files of products are given and presented to customers in categories and collections. Production: monitoring processes of manufacturing products is a part of a product design process in which subjects such as selecting materials and manufacturing methods, the ways of performing design details and offering manufacturing solutions in production processes are asserted. In fact, monitoring production helps to have more accurate conduction and increase product qualities.

Product Design Projects

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