Your business is our priority.
Your customers and audiences are counted as an inspiration for us.

Our team includes designers and engineers which was established in 2008 with the purpose of conducting design and product engineering services for domestic and foreign producers. We always try to find creative, user centered and economic solutions in order to make differences between manufactured products of companies and other samples in the market. This issue is founded on artistic experiences, technical knowledge, human science and innovative methods. As a result, our team implements innovative marketing approaches, quality management and considers demands and needs of target groups to present more competitive products to employers.

Our team tries to develop your business with employing design and innovation.

Most of the products are ideas which have potentials to become brands. We guarantee to present useful, usable and pioneer solutions to convert ideas to products and products to brands. There is a myriad of the same products which are counted as good or proper ones. These products have common or main properties and same prices. You are able to create a sustainable value with design and product details to make a clear and outstanding difference between your product and others. As a result, you are able to distribute an excellent product among other good products and achieve success in the market. We are able to create this difference with design experiences and strategies easily. Our philosophy is providing access to design and make design processes perceivable for people who want to create this difference.


Product Design

Product design in Ekas design studio is defined as strategic and tactical actions from ideation to commercialization, product design and product creation. Product designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas and change them to a product or perceivable object in a systematic approach. This field of our expertise includes designing all of the products which need design in different contexts. To exemplify, designing medical and laboratory facilities, home appliances, sports products, urban furniture, transportation facilities, and every product which is manufactured as a commercial one in mass production.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is one of the main parts of customers’ general experience of brand. Packaging design includes designing outer packages, inner packages and product packaging or all of them. Considering packaging as a part of general experience of brand is very important especially when you want to sell your products online or in a shop.

Environmental Design

Designing an environment or space can affect the quality of users’ experience like product design. The most important factor in determining constitutive properties of an environment is its usage and the purpose of using it. On the other hand, indoors, outdoors and temporary spaces has their requirements and essentials. Every requirement needs a unique design. The way of designing and manufacturing environments influence occurrences in the designed environment considerably.


  • Surveying and determining design and production strategies
  • Evaluating and analyzing products in the market
  • Ideation, sketching and creative solving of design problems and issues
  • Idea and concept development
  • CAM and CAD modeling
  • Evaluating and determining materials and manufacturing trends
  • Detail design
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and evaluating the product by its users
  • Graphic design and packaging
  • Production consulting and quality supervision


sina gavili

Mohammad Sina Gavili

Product Design, Medical Design, Urban Furniture Design, Packaging Design


Siavash Aspari

Prototyping, Production Manager


Shabnam Kamyar

Product Design, Packaging Design


Siavash Heydari

Product Design, Ideation, Idea Developer


Atie Jahanshahi

Product Design

امیدی طراح محصول 1

Nazanin Omidi

Product Design


Hedyeh Jahangiri

Product Design


Mohammad Shekarabi

Machatronics and Electronics

Dummy Image

Sattar Saadatmand Bahri

Interior Design, Furniture Design, Store Decoration Design

Past Contributor

morteza etesami

Morteza E'tesami


Untitled 1 2

Hamid Nikkhou

Product Designer

ehsan taghaddosi

Ehsan Taghadosi


saber mardani

Saber Mardaani


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