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Our team includes designers and engineers which was established in 2008 with the purpose of conducting design and product engineering services for domestic and foreign producers. We always try to find creative, user centered and economic solutions in order to make differences between manufactured products of companies and other samples in the market. This issue is founded on artistic experiences, technical knowledge, human science and innovative methods. As a result, our team implements innovative marketing approaches, quality management and considers demands and needs of target groups to present more competitive products to employers.

Sheet Metal Services

Sheet metal is generally a set of tasks performed by special machines to form metal sheets. Many of the products we deal with on a daily basis are made this way. The sheet metal processing process can vary according to the thickness of the sheet. Ekas Fab Lab is ready to provide sheet metal services such as cutting, bending, welding, polishing, fittings, etc., by using precise machines and an experienced team.



This process provides the parts needed to make the product in the desired size and shape. The cutting process is done with various hand and machine tools such as scissors, saws, laser cut, plasma cut, CNC punching and water-jet. The cutting tool is selected according to the cutting form, material and quality of the cut. Cutting is done in high quality in Ekas Fab Lab with the available tools. 



Sheet metal bending is one of the most widely used services in the metalworking industry and is used for various purposes. Bending of sheet metal is a practical mechanical operation; In this process, due to the applied pressure, the metal sheet bends and angles. There are various methods of bending metal sheets, which according to such things as the material of the sheet, its thickness, the desired shape for bending and the amount of bending, the appropriate method should be selected. By providing a wide range of bending services, Ekas FabLab works with customers to design and manufacture your products in both the initial prototyping and final product production stages to ensure the accuracy and quality of construction.



With years of experience, Ekas welding team is ready to provide welding and joining services for small and large scale metal parts and sheets. We stand by our customers to ensure quality; We provide the welding processes needed to produce high quality products and assist them in complying with nationally and internationally recognized codes and standards.

Prototyping Services

Rapid prototyping helps companies turn ideas into reality; And take it to a quality sample that looks like the final product and works well. In fact,  rapid prototyping of products leads to mass production through a series of validation steps.


3D Printing

The ikas design team helps you design a project for 3D printing. By reviewing the form and performance of the product, our designers take into account the considerations of the 3D printing process and provide the most optimal design. You can also re-evaluate the product design and change it in terms of cost-effectiveness or printing accuracy, you can also use the services of  Ekas design team.

Polishing and Painting

Sheet metal parts often have Scratches, roughness and inequality. Metal polishing or finishing metal is a set of tasks that are done to solve these problems. Polishing also prepares the part for painting operations. There are different types of metal polishing processes that can be used for different purposes. Some of the general benefits of polishing for a metal product are:

-Increases product durability against wear and deformation
-Improve the formal attractiveness and appearance of the product
-Increase electrical conductivity
-Increase product resistance against electrical and chemical damage
-Increase product resistance against rust and corrosion
-Increase the potential of the metal for electric welding

Metal processing is done in different ways. Common polishing methods include felt, wax, glue, felt adhesive, Scotch, Sandblasting, Polishing, Plating, Grinding, and Powder Coating. There are several ways to paint if needed. The polishing and painting operations in Ekas FabLab are selected according to the material and form of the parts, and according to the available facilities, they are performed inside FabLab or it will be outsourced.

Assembly Services

Ekas provides high quality assembly services for manufactured products and parts. Customer needs, whether in terms of operational activities or a single project, will be addressed in this set. Even if part of the process is beyond the capacity or facilities of FabLab, we use the services of partners to achieve production goals. Here at Ekas FabLab, we anticipate the processes and challenges of manufacturing and assembly, and take advantage of the facilities available, inside and outside of FabLab, to bring the designed product closer to a high quality manufactured product.

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