Delup Water purifier

شرکت پاسادان (1400)


Delup Water purifier

Considering the unusual molecular structure of water that can dissolve many substances in it, as well as our body’s need for healthy drinking water, it is necessary to make sure of its health before consuming water. Various water pollutions are removed during urban water purification, but even so, due to the old urban plumbing system, the sediments of these pipes enter the water. Household water purifiers remove microbes, sediments, soil, chlorine and other additional substances from the water using several stages of filtration.

The design of the body of the Delup water purifier started with the aim of improving the function and form and design for a product with the lowest final price. So besides the manufacturing method, the biggest limitation was the finished product cost. Nevertheless, the design of this product was suitable for its place of use and taking into account the availability of various settings without the need to move the product. The general arrangement of the internal parts is also such that, in addition to the perfect and appropriate performance, it is the most optimal suggested mode, which can be used in any place due to the importance of the small size of the device.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Improving the appearance of the product in accordance with its location
  • Attention to the product manufacturing process
  • Ease of repair and replacement of parts
  • Optimal arrangement of parts and filters
  • Suitability of form and color with the nature of the product

Properties of the final design

  • بهبود عملکرد و ایستایی بیشتر محصول
  • فرم ساده و رنگ خنثی برای تناسب هرچه بیشتر ظاهر و عملکرد
  • سهولت تعمیر قطعات و دسترسی به همه اجزا
  • فرم زیبا در تناسب با روش ساخت محصول
  • سهولت استفاده و کاهش خطا احتمالی توسط مصرف کننده
  • هزینه تمام شده پایین
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