Gravity Alexandrite Hair Removal Device

Parnian Gostar Parto Sanj Co


Gravity Alexandrite Hair Removal Device

Parnian Gostar Parto Sanj Co. was established in 2014 to provide diverse, comprehensive, and reliable services in the field of medical laser equipment with expertise in medicine, optics, and laser, photonics, mechanics, control, and electronics. This company started its activities with after-sale services and repairing laser devices. Considering the technical knowledge of the personnel of the company, the company realized the technical knowledge necessary in the field of designing and manufacturing medical laser devices after extensive research. They plan to incorporate medical devices such as IPL and Alexandrite laser into their products.

The Alexandrite Gravity laser device was designed by a design team commissioned by the PGPS Company. Challenges in the design process are best solved and provide a suitable solution to achieve an optimal, beautiful, and efficient device that can compete with foreign products as a result of a full and continuous interaction of the design team, mechanics, electronics, and optics. This product’s design highlights a beautiful and powerful form, as well as simplicity, ease of assembly, maintenance, minimum dimensions, and improved ergonomics in the ability to adjust the monitor and accessibility.


Challenges of designing the product

  • Minimal form in proportion to white color and product position in the environment of use
  • Compatibility of body shape and production method with domestic production facilities and limitations
  • Restrictions on the use of the device
  • Ease of opening and closing the case door
  • Ease of access to all internal components
  • Visual identification and matching of related product

Properties of the final design

  • New design and formal innovation while being minimal
  • Proper arrangement of interior parts in terms of functionality
  • Identity and form scalability in other products
  • Full compliance of the case with the function and dimensions of the internal parts
  • Coordinate form with product performance
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