Bed Set for Children and Adolescents

Apadana co. (2008)

Bed Set for Children and Adolescents

Children usually use their imagination and creativity to create plays and entertainments. Providing these sorts of specific spaces or contexts for children helps them to increase their creativity and happiness because children create stories and imaginary spaces in their minds easily. One of the contexts which is used to design internal spaces of children’s rooms is implementing popular or favorite characters in children’s worlds.

Ekas design studio used stories and animation characters of Dragon cartoon to design Viking bed service for teenagers and children. Using elements and details inspired of characters and stories is counted as an outstanding feature in this project. Designing furniture for children always has attractions and particular difficulties. Using symbols and attractive characters of cartoons is one of the communicational ways that are appropriate for communicating with children. This set of furniture is designed with using Viking theme and some different elements include Viking character, boats with dragons’ heads and handles inspired of Viking armor and clothes.

Challenges of designing the product

    • Appropriateness of form and color for teenagers
    • The combination of performance and Cartoon forms
    • The compatibility of manufacturing with materials and existing production ways
    • Guaranteeing users’ safety
    • Proper design for children and teenagers’ behaviors and tastes
    • Easy and reasonable price in Manufacturing and producing


Properties of the final design

  • Using Viking cartoon theme
  • Using micro and macro elements of this animation
  • Designing bed service in a way that is counted as a family
  • Adaptation of performances and Vikings theme
  • The combination of wood, plastic and using colors to create more attractions
  • Using images of the scenes
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