Brand and User Interface Design for a Healthy Lifestyle App

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Brand and User Interface Design for a Healthy Lifestyle App

Promoting a healthy lifestyle reaps numerous benefits, encompassing physical well-being, emotional balance, and an improved quality of life. By adhering to healthy practices, individuals can stave off ailments and discomfort, leading to a longer and more fulfilling life. Such vitality extends to daily activities, work, and nutrition. However, effectively managing these facets necessitates meticulous planning and guidance.

Addressing this need, the Fitsaz application emerges as an Iranian health platform catering to diverse age groups and locations, encompassing nutrition and physical exercises. This holistic project entails the creation of a visual identity, brand, logo, application, and website. Central themes in this design endeavor encompass health, sports, and contemporary aesthetics. The application’s logo derives inspiration from the human form engaged in a simple stretch, vividly conveying the core themes.

The application is founded on artificial intelligence, which delivers personalized sports coaching services for users in their homes or sports clubs. Tailoring its offerings to individual attributes such as age, gender, and physical condition, the application recommends optimal diets to realize a healthy lifestyle.

Product Design Challenges

  • Absence of fundamental screen support for gradients and color spectrum.
  • Limitations in displaying animations.
  • Acclimating users to a novel blood pressure measurement process.
  • Ensuring usability for diverse user demographics, including the elderly, young individuals, and those with presbyopia.
  • Maintaining clarity in user instructions by utilizing minimal design elements.
  • Maximizing page uniformity due to hardware limitations.
  • Ensuring legibility of text.

Features of the Presented Plan

  • A simplified design approach focusing on core functionalities, minimizing user confusion.
  • Prioritization of options through rhythmic visual cues in sections with multiple choices.
  • Clear and expressive step-by-step instructions catering to users with varying characteristics.
  • Rigorous examination of usage scenarios to minimize potential errors through meticulous design.
  • Anticipation of potential hardware limitations and preemptive integration within the user interface.
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