Cif Road Show

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Cif Road Show

This structure is designed and manufactured as a respondent to Magnolia advertising agency’s order to perform Cif brand project by Ekas Design Studio. Cif brand produces versatile cleaners for cleaning gas and oven, surfaces and so on. This structure is designed and manufactured to make “Diamond Cif campaign”- “walk through the palace of your dreams” truth. Because of this reason, the general design of road show is designed based on the subject of the palace and tower. The most important issue in designing this road show is to create attraction for housewives as the first target and children as the second one. Furthermore, ease of montage, and transportation of the constitutional components are counted as necessities. This palace is constructed and lighted with using wood and fiberglass, and all of the components have the compatibility of fast montage and separating. Cif brand road show project of the Unilever family is conducted in Tehran, Esfahan and Shiraz.

Properties of the final design

  • The possibility of separating components and easy transportation
  • Ease of assembling components in the installation place
  • Using wood, plywood and fiberglass
  • Visual attraction in the terms of color and form
  • Introducing Cif brand and Diamond champion
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