Bonjo Delivery Box of Motorcycle

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Bonjo Delivery Box of Motorcycle

Delivery motorcycles are seen in different parts of the city. They carry big and small goods in urban area. Because of this reason, famous service brands are ordering proprietary motorcycle and delivery boxes design which are proper to their special needs. Delivery boxes can be different for fast food restaurants, traditional restaurants, supermarkets, online shops and other services. Boxes constitute a wide range in terms of form and function.

The Bonjoo chain fast food restaurant ordered Ekas design studio team to design a delivery box for carrying Pizza packages. Ekas design team designed and manufactured the proprietary delivery box for this fast food after presenting categories of various designs in terms of form and function. There are important points in designing and manufacturing these boxes to make the different from other samples and products in the market. one of these factors is the stability and strength of delivery boxes. Form and selected materials must not be damaged because of impact, hit and accident easily. Also, we use light for the first time in designing delivery boxes.

Challenges of designing the product

  • special shelving for putting and positioning Pizza packages
  • moisture and dust resistance
  • presenting the Bonjoo brand identity with using form and color
  • keeping foods warm during delivery process

Properties of the final design

  • protecting goods and foods in boxes
  • utilizing lighting in designing boxes
  • strong composite body
  • using existed fittings in the market to reduce costs
  • the compatibility of presenting brand services and products
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