Design of Novabeam Fractional Laser Device

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طراحی دستگاه لیزر فرکشنال

Design of Novabeam Fractional Laser Device

The Novabeam fractional CO2 laser device serves as a vital tool in the treatment of skin conditions and beauty enhancement. Renowned for its precision and effectiveness, this laser addresses skin lesions through its unique properties, making it an integral part of skin repair and aesthetic procedures.

The design evolution of this device was meticulously orchestrated in EKAS Studio, focusing on enhancing both its aesthetics and performance. The design process encompassed crafting the overall form based on the parameters of metal body construction, while intricacies tailored to the device’s beauty clinic setting were meticulously incorporated. Moreover, stability during usage was prioritized, leading to pivotal adjustments to the device’s base, internal components, and overall layout.

Given the relatively limited circulation of medical devices, molding expenses necessitate cost-effective solutions. The utilization of metal sheeting offers a partial remedy; however, translating cold industrial metal into an inviting, human-friendly medical product requires careful consideration of curves, proportions, and colors.

Product Design Challenges

  • Augmenting product aesthetics in alignment with its context of use.
  • Seamlessly merging form with function to facilitate operator ease.
  • Ensuring simplicity of repair and part replacement.
  • Balancing product weight and center of gravity.
  • Presenting a design that combines cost efficiency, metal sheeting, and a strong medical identity.
طراحی دستگاه لیزر فرکشنال
طراحی دستگاه لیزر فرکشنال

Features of the Presented Design

  • Enhanced performance and stability to elevate user experience.
  • Novel and distinctive form, diverging from existing market examples due to metal sheet constraints.
  • User-friendly repair and maintenance through streamlined assembly and disassembly.
  • Aesthetic appeal harmonizing with the device’s manufacturing method.
  • Improved usability to reduce operator errors during application.
  • Thoughtful consideration of device handling and transportation scenarios.
  • Strategic color palette in line with the collection’s brand and medical product character.
  • Precision-driven design accommodating the laser and optics calibration requirements.
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