Designing the interface of beauty skin products

Rahpooyan Teb Parnian Co. (2008)

Designing the interface of beauty skin products

Interaction design and interface design are defined to create better and more useful communications among industrial products and users in current days. This word was asserted in computer sciences and designing media interfaces for computers, but today is used for designing all of the products. Interaction design is a kind of user centered design, and always looks for solutions for easier and faster communications between industrial products and users.

Users must use medical equipment fast and accurate without any mistakes or errors. Also, they must recognize the performance of components easily. The essentiality of this process is considering and creating balance and coordination between users and the product. Color theory, ergonomic and human factors are used to guide users in interface design of products. Designers use the same rules for interaction design to make a balance between aesthetic, usability and being useful.

Challenges of designing the product

  • The compatibility of all keys and lights in electronic boards
  • Meaningful arrangement of symbols, signs and settings

Properties of the final design

  • Using clear signs and symbols
  • General compatibility of this product with five products which are the same as the main product in a category
  • Using separate colors for every part
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