DNA Extraction Device Design



DNA Extraction Device Design

Advancements in genetic science have propelled research and studies that delve into intracellular genetic material. DNA extraction kits and devices have revolutionized genetic studies, simplifying the path of investigation. A DNA extraction device, designed to extract DNA from various samples like blood, serum, plasma, tissues, cells, and more, plays a pivotal role in streamlining genetic analysis.

The design and production project of a DNA extraction device undertaken by Ekas company embarks on enhancing device performance while revamping its form to align with the intended usage space. A central challenge lies in maintaining the device’s sensitivity, evident in its entrance and internal mechanisms’ interaction with body parts. The design thoughtfully incorporates ergonomic considerations, such as optimal screen angle, ease of device operation, and independent side doors, all enhancing user experience. A key design tenet is ensuring efficient and streamlined production processes, coupled with the flexibility to apply diverse color combinations to the final product.

Product Design Challenges

  • Crafting a form that seamlessly integrates with the device’s intended environment.
  • Establishing dimensions suitable for standard desk placement.
  • Ensuring adherence to medical equipment design standards.
  • Harmonizing form with device function.
  • Enabling ease of access and repair for internal components.

Features of the Presented Design

  • Minimalistic form achieved through strategic color and placement, assimilating the device into its usage environment.
  • Thoughtful ergonomics dictate display angle and access, optimizing user comfort and functionality.
  • Precise alignment of product form with its designated function.
  • Accessibility to internal components via side and back doors, enhancing maintenance convenience.
  • Design that minimizes visual clutter and seamlessly integrates with the device’s surroundings.
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