Ergonometer Design

Takfaam Sazan-Shahid Beheshti University (2014)

Ergonometer Design

Ergonometer is a device to measure dimensions of different parts of the body in various postures. These dimensions are used in ergonomic surveys and designing products which need accurate statistics of anthropometric data related to human bodies. One of the main factors in measuring anthropometric dimensions is assurance of accuracy in repetitive measurement. As a result, designing Ergonometer must be conducted in the way to make it easy and repetitive. Because of different sizes of human body parts, Ergonometer must be flexible to measure them. The employer asked us to design the product with considering repetitive movements to measure different dimensions of human bodies, so we designed this product with considering the possibility of carrying the closed product by a usual and personal vehicle.

Properties of the final design

  • A variety of arms for flexibility of the device with needed and demanded measures
  • The possibility of repetitive measuring
  • The possibility of easy movement
  • No error in measurement after repetitive times
  • The resistance of arm against impacts
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