Extraoral Suction Device

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Extraoral Suction Device

There are more than 700 types of bacteria in the human mouth that can contaminate the environment through respiration. A suction device is used to prevent the transmission of infection between the patient and the doctor. Oral suction is a purifying and disinfecting system that effectively absorbs air droplets and aerosols suspended in the air by several filters during treatment by creating negative air pressure, reducing the risk of virus transmission between physician and patient and providing a layer of safety.
To increase the efficiency of the filters, a water separator is placed in the air to reduce the relative humidity of the inlet air and the remaining moisture is absorbed by the silica gel filter. By passing air through several filters, viruses and bacteria are separated from the air and inactivated and removed by ultraviolet lamps. Then clean and sterile air comes out of the vents installed on the side of the device.
In addition to the beauty and simplicity of the form, in the design of this device, using white and light colors, this issue has been strengthened. Also, the form of the product is such that it can be easily cleaned and hygienized according to the environment of use of the device. Ergonomics, effective user interaction with the product, coordination with other devices in the environment and ease of repair and replacement of parts are also important factors in the design of this product as a medical product.

Product design challenges

  • Form fit with the environment of use of the product
  • Minimum dimensions possible
  • Full compliance with medical equipment design standards
  • Coordinate form with product performance
  • Ease of repairing parts and replacing filters

Features of proposed design

  • Minimal form in proportion to white color and product position in the environment of use
  • Soft and curved surfaces in contrast to the sheet metal body
  • Full compliance of the product form with its function
  • Ease of use and repair and also replacement of filters if necessary
  • No visual pollution in terms of form and color in interaction with the environment used and adjacent devices
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