Extraoral Suction Device

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Extraoral Suction Device

Within the human mouth reside over 700 bacterial strains capable of environmental contamination through respiration. Employing a suction apparatus becomes imperative to thwart infection transmission between patients and medical practitioners. The oral suction system functions as a purification and disinfection mechanism, adeptly drawing in airborne droplets and aerosols during treatment. This is achieved through a series of filters, generating negative air pressure. This innovative approach substantially curtails the peril of virus dissemination between physician and patient, establishing an added layer of safety.

Enhancing filter efficacy, an integrated water separator reduces incoming air humidity, with residual moisture further absorbed by a silica gel filter. By subjecting air to multiple filtration stages, viruses and bacteria are isolated, neutralized, and subsequently eradicated by ultraviolet lamps. The outcome is the emission of pristine, sterile air through vents thoughtfully positioned on the device’s side.

In tandem with its aesthetically pleasing and uncomplicated form, the device’s design employs a palette of white and light hues to underscore hygiene. Furthermore, the device’s configuration facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, tailored to its usage context. Ergonomics, seamless user-device interaction, harmonization with coexisting equipment, and simplified part replacement and repair constitute pivotal considerations in the development of this medical apparatus.

Product design challenges

  • Ensuring form alignment with the device’s usage context
  • Achieving optimal compactness
  • Adhering rigorously to medical equipment design standards
  • Synthesizing form and performance cohesively
  • Streamlining part replacement and filter substitution processes

Features of proposed design

  • Minimalist contours complemented by a white color scheme harmonizing with the usage setting
  • Incorporation of gentle, curved surfaces juxtaposed with a sheet metal framework
  • Synchronization of product form with its intended functionality
  • User-friendly attributes, facilitating use, repair, and necessary filter replacement
  • Astute avoidance of visual clutter through form and color congruence with the usage environment and neighboring devices.
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