Extraoral Suction Device

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Extraoral Suction Device

In the human mouth, there exist over 700 bacterial strains capable of contaminating the environment through respiration. To prevent the transmission of infection between patients and medical practitioners, the use of a suction device becomes necessary. The extraoral suction system is a purification and disinfection mechanism that effectively captures airborne droplets and aerosols during treatment by creating negative air pressure. This process involves multiple filters that absorb these contaminants, significantly reducing the risk of virus transmission between physician and patient and establishing an additional layer of safety.
To improve the efficiency of the filters, a water separator has been integrated to reduce the relative humidity of incoming air. A silica gel filter then absorbs any remaining moisture. As the air passes through multiple filtration stages, viruses and bacteria are isolated, neutralized, and subsequently eradicated by ultraviolet lamps. The result is the emission of clean and sterile air through vents strategically positioned on the device’s side.
In the design process of this product, priority has been given to not only its aesthetic appeal and simplicity but also to enhancing hygiene through the use of white and light colors. Furthermore, the design of the product has been meticulously engineered to promote straightforward cleaning and maintenance, with careful consideration given to its intended usage environment. Factors such as ergonomics, effective user-device interaction, integration with existing equipment, and simplified part replacement and repair were all crucial considerations in the design of this medical device intended for hospital and healthcare settings.

Product design challenges

  •  Ensuring form alignment with the device’s intended usage environment.
  • Achieving optimal size reduction.
  • Adhering fully to medical equipment design standards.
  • Integrating form and performance seamlessly.
  • Facilitating ease of repair for parts and filter replacement.

Features of proposed design

  • Minimalist form complemented by a white color scheme, harmonizing with the usage environment.
  • Incorporation of gentle, curved surfaces in contrast with the metallic body.
  • Integration of product form with its intended functionality.
  • User-friendly features facilitating use, repair, and necessary filter replacement.
  • Visual coherence with the usage environment and adjacent devices through harmonious form and color coordination.
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