Information Kiosk 24/7

Smart Co. Solico food industries (2012)

Information Kiosk 24/7

Manufacturers use various ways to introduce, advertise and present their products to customers and consumers. One of the advertising ways is servicing and encouraging customers to purchase products by using interactive stands in commercial and public places such as malls and airports. Ekas design group conducted B-surface design and manufacturing this product for Kaleh company. Some of the main challenges of technical design (B-Surface), making prototypes and producing an advertising stand for Kaleh company are huge dimensions of the device and low volume manufacturing.

The possibility of seeing all of the Kaleh products, comparing prices, watching descriptions and movies, the possibility of selecting and ordering and at the end sending ordered goods for customers are mentioned as some facilities of the kiosk. The purpose of utilizing these kinds of kiosks is providing more interaction with customers during purchasing process to help buyers see various products in a short time. As a result, customers are able to know products’ prices and make a decision of adding a product to their purchasing basket.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Huge dimensions of the body and display
  • Compact space for positioning components and electrical equipment
  • Problems of transportation
  • Positioning the lighting Kaleh logo 24/7 on the curvy surface
  • Body resistance
  • Designing style of the body with considering stability

Properties of the final design

  • Using composite and plastic cover
  • Using metallic profiles as the main structure of the product
  • Using resistant structures of PVC as subsidiary structure
  • The possibility of product movement by 2 persons
  • Being light with consideration of huge dimensions of the product
  • Visual attraction and creating interest or desire for users to utilize the product
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