Kitchens Waste Separation Bin

Zhino Plast Co. (2011)

Kitchens Waste Separation Bin

The customer’s opinion about a product mostly depends on attractiveness and aesthetic of it. An appealing product is the modern, outstanding one which creates a new sense in its owners. When these properties are important, industrial design plays an essential role in determining the final success of the product. One of the main parameters in the current design trend is considering recycling analysis and parameters related to human interaction, environment and natural cycles. Limited natural sources is a vital issue which mentions the necessity of recycling and increasing culture of separating wastes. Waste separation is an important subject to protect sources and environment. Due to a huge amount of creating various wastes in kitchens (dried, wet, paper, plastic and so on), the possibility of waste separation in one bin helps users to throw wastes in a better and easier way. Essential factors are considered in this project by Ekas Design Studio such as paying attention to the scenario of usage by target groups, ergonomic design, material and manufacturing process.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Paying attention to customers’ needs. Target group in this project is women who are housewives.
  • Formic and visual creativity, making difference and performance uniqueness in designing the waste bin for kitchen
  • Paying attention to ease of product usage and cleaning of the bin’s body
  • Using suitable materials for easier separation of wastes
  • Formic and visual aesthetic and attractiveness for users

Properties of the final design

  • Using integrated and innovative forms in body of the bin
  • Usage of container for dried and wet wastes separately
  • Ease of usage and discharging store of the bin
  • Using some forms and visual features for body resistance
  • Visual attraction for users
  • A proper form for putting the bin in a suitable place in the kitchen
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