Loopido Tent for Kids


Loopido Tent for Kids

Toys have an essential and effective role in children’s lives. Toys are counted as mental and psychological necessity for kids. In fact, they can be one of the important needs for children and an influential part of their lives. If toys are selected based on psychological fundamentals and educational purposes accurately, they affect children’s lives socially and psychologically. Also, they are very effective in the development of mental and educational growth.

Most of us had the experience of building houses with equipment and furniture in our childhood. “Parnian” play tent is one of the products of “Loopido” brand which is counted as a lovely response to kids’ need and demand for having a personal, funny and colorful tent in their apartments or parents’ homes. Parnian play tent helps kids to experience the sense of independency while they play with their friends and parents in active and happy plays.

“Parnian” textile and washable cover (Tetron and Popin) guarantees clean and favorite house for your kids in an apartment, nature and travel. This product is made of multi layered wood of “Sveza” company in Russia. It has the standards of European unions, and is given to customers in portable packages with steel and stainless screws and a spanner. Actually, it helps you to experience house building in a short time and enjoy building this.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Visual attraction for children
  • High safety to prevent children from possible injuries and hurts
  • Surveying the taste in children’s minds
  • Surveying the scenario of playing with tents by children
  • Easy montage in houses and apartments
  • Lightness

Properties of the final design

  • The resistance of components and connections
  • Using natural materials such as wood and textile
  • Using attractive colors in textiles
  • Ease of montage
  • Designing to prevent possible errors and mistakes
  • Using round corners and edges to increase safety
  • Being washable and ease of cleaning
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