LUNA Ultrasound Device

Med Fanavaran Plus (2019)

LUNA Ultrasound Device

One of the most important parameters related to product design and development is the “participatory design process”. A process that has attracted more attention in recent years. Collaborative design engages users in a wide range of activities during the process of information gathering, creation, research, design and evaluation. One of the most significant parts of the collaborative design process is the product feedback cycle, during which the output of each system or product designed as a prototype by real users is tested and evaluated in specific courses with members of the R&D team. And the feedback obtained is used in the redesign process.
In recent years, EKAS Studio has been working as part of the research and development team of “Mod Fanavaran Plus” collection and has collaborated in the process of designing the body of “Luna Ultrasound Device” along with this collection.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Restrictions on the use of the device
  • Ease of opening and closing the case door
  • Ease of access to all internal components
  • Visual identification and matching of related products
  • Easy use of the control panel
  • Compatibility of body shape and production method with domestic production facilities and limitations
  • Compete with foreign examples

Features of the proposed design

  • New design and formal innovation while being minimal
  • Proper arrangement of interior parts in terms of functionality
  • Identity and form scalability in other products
  • Full compliance of the case with the function and dimensions of the internal parts
  • Beautiful and fit the space that the patient and the doctor need
  • Compliance with domestic production facilities
  • Ease of use and the process of repairing and replacing parts
  • Proper ergonomics
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