Maserat Saffron Packaging

Maserat Food Industry (2014)


Maserat Saffron Packaging

Maserat group was established to produce and distribute saffron products and different kinds of spices in 1393. After primary researches of the market and surveying the target group, the main vision and goals of this company is defined in this way:

  • Achieving the best level of branding among Iranian saffron products
  • Achieving the best level of exporting saffron products from Iran with the ability of competition with the best global brands
  • Presenting real and original value of Iranian saffron according to the status of a great Iranian souvenir

Identity design of this product and its package was conducted based on the aforementioned purposes in Ekas design studio. The word of originality is the main slogan for this brand which entered in the visual identity and packaging design. In addition, creative forms in comparison with other samples and the same products in the market are clearly watchable in the design of the product.

Challenges of designing the product

Ekas design studio team considers two keywords “innovation” and “originality” as the bases of defining the identity for this brand. Finally, the identity of Maserat brand starts the design process to create new experiences in using old and original products with a new look at life styles, especially Iranian life style.

Properties of the final product

In this direction the slogan “new vision to originality” is selected as the main approach of the brand. Also, the combination of two keywords “innovation” and “originality” is the source of inspiration for graphic design team to create Maserat visual brand identity. Iranian design and motives existed in Iranian architecture and rugs are used as inspirations in designing the bottle of saffron. The compatibility of seeing saffron liquid, creating contrast among colors of saffron liquid and cardboard packaging for ease of fast recognition on the shelves in the shop, the ability of identity development in future products of Maserat company to maintain attraction and convey the familiarity among Maserat products, paying attention to usability and the package performance and dimensions and grip of the container and packaging structure are the considered factors in designing the product.

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