Medical 3D Printer Device Body


Medical 3D Printer Device Body

In recent years, 3D printing has introduced more applications in the field of health to the global community. Today, 3D printing has many applications in the field of digital medicine and dentistry and helps to save and improve life in different ways and in different places that was never imaginable in several years ago.
3D printers have a specific mechanism; These printers have cartridges or tanks for storing ink of various types and in the case of the production of organs, biological inks that use the needles on the platform or the printing site, according to the specified pattern, start printing the desired organs.
In designing the medical printer of Abtin Teb Company, which is metal and made by sheet metal method, the most important issue after beauty and form fit is to achieve the best performance. This is true both of the user interaction with the device and of the moving mechanism of its components to perform the printing process. In product case design, the ease of the process of replacing different extruders was one of the important challenges that can be easily done in the designed product by using the appropriate mechanisms and parts of this process.

product design challenges

  • Technical considerations of the printer
  • Form designed in accordance with product standards
  • Beautiful and distinctive form with samples available in the market
  • Design based on user needs and ergonomics
  • Ease of maintenance

Features of the proposed design

  • Paying attention to the form of acquisition in the environment and proximity to other devices
  • Ease of opening and closing the extruder case for replacement and repair
  • Beautiful form design that fits the performance of the device in contrast to the technical and roughness of the device
  • Design based on different scenarios of using the device and different groups of product users
  • Design of printer shield mechanism
  • Case design so that it is both easy to assemble and easy to access internal components.
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