Microderm Device Design

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Microderm Device Design

The microderm cleansing and rejuvenation device is now extensively utilized in the field of skin health and beauty. Microderm employs microcrystal spray to eliminate the outer layer of dry and dead cells, resulting in more youthful and fresher skin. This process stimulates the generation of new layers of underlying skin enriched with higher levels of collagen and elastin, thus enhancing the skin’s appearance.

The Pooyan Tajhiz microderm device was designed with the objective of enhancing both its appearance and performance, differentiating it from the samples available in the market. In developing this device, changes were made not only to the material of the body and its manufacturing method but also from metal sheeting to plastic vacuum forming, resulting in a more ergonomic and improved form. However, this alteration brought about certain challenges. Notably, the molding process becomes more limited, and unlike plastic injection, this method doesn’t allow for the utilization of slides or negative angles in the mold. To enhance the device’s ergonomics, the placement of the handpieces was modified. Shifting from a vertical to a horizontal orientation not only facilitates easier insertion and removal but also optimizes wire placement. Additionally, the positioning ensures that the handpiece remains secure even when the device is shaken. Another notable design aspect of the current microderm device is its horizontal configuration, which provides greater stability when compared to the previous vertical model. The incorporation of an embedded screen enhances operator-device interaction, lending a modern and refined appearance compared to the earlier model.

Product Design Challenges

  • Complexities and limitations of manufacturing using the vacuum forming method.
  • Determining the optimal angle for positioning the handpiece.
  • Ensuring the handpiece is securely anchored to prevent unintended movement or falling.
  • Achieving an aesthetically appropriate design that aligns with its application and usage environment.
  • Improving ergonomics for enhanced efficiency.
  • Facilitating easier cleaning of the device.

Features of the Presented Design

  • A generously sized screen with a suitable angle, enhancing operator control.
  • Precisely angled handpiece placement and a well-designed holder to prevent accidental dislodging.
  • Use of bright colors to impart a sense of cleanliness and sophistication to the user.
  • Display angle optimized for ease of operator control during microderm procedures.
  • Simplified assembly, accessibility for internal servicing, and maintenance.
  • Horizontal body design to bolster device stability.
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