Microspectrophotometer Design


Microspectrophotometer Design

The driving force behind the reimagining of the microspectrophotometer device was to augment its functionality and aesthetics. The design process embraced a spectrum of parameters including form congruence and aesthetics, functionality and user-friendliness, ergonomic considerations, ease of assembly, maintenance and servicing convenience, and scalability.

When it comes to the external appearance and design language of the device, our goal was to create a coherent form that seamlessly aligns with user scenarios. The design of the body employs graceful curved surfaces that harmonize with the overall body shape, supplemented by sleek horizontal planes, gentle contours, and filed edges, a motif that permeates both macro and micro aspects of the product. The device’s bulk is intelligently compartmentalized into discrete components, each assigned a distinct color to facilitate the assembly and disassembly process. The assemblage and disassemblage method is meticulously calibrated according to the device’s optics adjustment scenario, inter-part connectivity, and unfettered access to internal elements. The product’s overall structural blueprint is thus finely attuned to this meticulous process. The preference for a metal body, characteristic of low production circulation, has been spurred by the desire to mitigate production costs, particularly initial expenses and potential future adaptations of the device.

Product Design Challenges

  • Ensuring visual coherency with core components
  • Minimizing overall dimensions
  • Adhering rigorously to medical equipment design standards
  • Orchestrating a symbiotic relationship between form and function
  • Ensuring part compatibility within the assembly and disassembly context
  • Streamlining production costs

Features of the Presented Design

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