Niku Ordering Kiosk

Niku Kiosk Co. (2012)

Niku Ordering Kiosk

Niku kiosk company has produced complete set of interactive kiosks since 1390. This company has required technology to produce the new generation of interactive kiosks. Using high quality materials and manufacturing processes, utilizing updated electronic components, simplification and uniqueness are the most important defined parameters in Niku kiosk project. Generally, designing a beautiful product for public usage in different environments is very demanding. The body of Niku kiosk must be produced such as its easy and fast user interaction. Using plastic as a main substance helps this product be so different and unique.

Unfamiliarity with current service technologies causes people to be distant and unaware of these innovative solutions in developing countries such as Iran. This aforementioned subject is called fear of technology. Niku kiosks are produced with the inspiration of curved lines and natural forms which are made with high quality plastics. We do not use rough lines and materials in designing Niku kiosk purposely because we believe it is a solution to attract people and decrease stress and fear because of the lack of awareness. The style of Nilu kiosk design is minimalist. Minimal design of Niku kiosk helps this product to have harmony in different places and environments.

Challenges of designing the product

  • The possibility of placement is public areas
  • The possibility of using the product by the general public
  • Stability and sustainability against existing tensions in public environments
  • Low weight for increasing movements
  • Small dimensions to decrease occupying spaces in crowded areas
  • Easy and fast accesses for people
  • Considering required affordances in functional parts
  • Compatibility of carrying by 2 persons

Properties of the final design

  • Aesthetic and simplicity
  • Understandable function according to the form
  • Fast accesses to electronic parts
  • Lightweight and stable product
  • Using plastic as a main material that constitutes the product
  • Movable smile light
  • Using special materials and manufacturing trends
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