Packaging Design and brand Identity for the Merica Brand

Merica Brand


Packaging Design and brand Identity for the Merica Brand

The Merica brand is tailored to an audience aged 18 to 50. The primary target audience comprises the broader public, particularly the middle and upper classes. The inaugural franchise is situated in Blue Water, a locale adjacent to the sea and recreational spaces, surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants. The brand originated in the UAE and has since expanded to encompass branches in Turkey and Australia.

Merica boasts a distinctly feminine personality and attributes. Central themes in the brand’s identity include fostering human connections, embracing the present moment, and deriving enjoyment from life. The brand’s product design and advertising strategies center around evoking emotions and sentiments.

The flagship offering of this café is the chimney cake, served alongside ice cream and coffee or tea. The packaging design for confections and takeaway beverages aligns with the brand’s identity. Incorporating motifs from the Perseid lotus flower and pairing turquoise with gold, alongside being culturally resonant with Iranian traditions, signifies the brand’s sophistication and refinement. The packaging also features windows adorned with the lotus flower motif, offering a view of the product. Additionally, the symbolism of wheat is employed to evoke connotations of bread, confections, and blessings. These packages are tailored for the Dubai and Turkish markets.

Throughout the packaging design process, considerations encompass the entire customer experience journey, from preparation in the café to transportation and in-café or off-premises consumption. The packaging’s graphic design and structure are meticulously crafted to enhance the overall customer experience. Easy opening, secure closing, and convenient consumption of the chimney cake were pivotal design aspects.

Product Design Challenges

  • Harmonizing box aesthetics with the Merica brand identity.
  • Facilitating ice cream and chimney cake storage within the packaging.
  • Creating packaging distinct from existing sweet packaging in the market.
  • Ensuring packaging construction is user-friendly and maintains top-tier quality.
  • Streamlining storage of packages prior to filling to optimize storage space.
Box-Cofee-1000.700-طراحی بسته بندی و هویت سازمانی برند مریکا
1000.700-طراحی بسته بندی و هویت سازمانی برند مریکا-Bag

Features of the Presented Design

  • Utilization of a simple square or rectangular packaging format with a hinged door for ease of use.
  • Incorporation of a window to showcase product quality, enhance packaging aesthetics, and enable content identification.
  • Establishing a consistent visual language across all packaging elements and structures.
  • Crafting packaging for convenient transportation.
  • Striving for an efficient construction process without compromising quality.
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