Packaging Design for Sesame Products

Chapati Food Industry (1400)

طراحی محصول طراحی بسته بندی محصولات غذایی بسته بندی پت بسته بندی ظروف پلاستیکی-06

Packaging Design for Sesame Products

A significant portion of consumers base their purchasing decisions on the visual appeal of a product’s packaging. Packaging design serves as a critical point of interaction between a brand and its consumers, with the potential to greatly influence brand recognition, product identification, and sales performance. A well-executed packaging design can give a brand a competitive edge in the market.

Effective packaging should not only safeguard the product and provide essential information to the buyer but also possess visual allure to capture the customer’s attention and set it apart from competing products. Thus, in packaging design, it is crucial to employ a distinctive form and graphics that distinguish the product from others in the market.

Sesame-based products, primarily produced and distributed locally across the nation, often lack a unique and recognizable visual identity in their packaging. This deficiency poses a challenge for consumers in identifying the product and its brand. Despite the product’s significance in consumers’ dietary choices, its packaging lacks a clear and distinctive character.

In the design of Chapati sesame product packaging, our focus extends beyond brand identity alone to encompass the product’s content and its association with sesame-based items. The objective of this design is to convey a sense of strength, value, and authenticity through the packaging, imbuing it with a distinct personality. Additionally, we take into account user consumption habits, reflected in the dual-container design. Another vital aspect of our packaging design services for this product is its adaptability, allowing for variations in form and accommodating different product volumes.

Product Design Challenges

  • Ability to develop packaging in different volumes
  • Manufacturing Efficiency
  • alignment of brand identity with packaging personality
  • Differentiation of packaging form among market products
طراحی محصول طراحی بسته بندی محصولات غذایی بسته بندی پت بسته بندی ظروف پلاستیکی-02
طراحی محصول طراحی بسته بندی محصولات غذایی بسته بندی پت بسته بندی ظروف پلاستیکی-01

Features of the Presented Design

  • Ease of use
  •  alignment of the character of the packaging and its content
  • The ability to pack in pairs and complements
  • Uniqueness in packaging form
  • Expandability
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