Perfume Stand for Creed Brand

Ervin Tejarat Nojan

Perfume Stand for Creed Brand

Putting products on a special and unique stand of a brand shows the importance and manufacturer’s attention to their company’s products and brand. In fact, producers enhance the value of their goods in customers’ opinions. Practical stands are the ones which are made and designed especially for a unique brand and are suitable for distributable products. The stand which is designed based on aforementioned points has a kind of advertising and marketing aspect for its brand. Also, it helps the brand to be known and attract more customers, so the amount of selling is increased. Furthermore, this stand helps customers to select and compare the product easier.

Stand design project for CREED perfume was conducted with the purpose of performance improvement, aesthetic, differentiation of products and preserving brand identity. Aesthetic and simplicity are the main criteria of designing which are presented in smooth white color, controlled golden lines and utilizing fundamental shapes. The smoothness of lighting in displays is another important point in designing these sorts of stands.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Presenting all of the products on shelves
  • Easy user’s access to wanted products
  • touching does not make dirtiness on the stand
  • differentiation between this brand and other brands
  • introducing new products
  • easy montage in installation places

Properties of the final design

  • Using glass and M.D.F as predominant materials
  • Easy montage in shops and malls and reducing possible damages in carrying or transportation
  • Easy accessing to all parts of the shelves
  • Ease of cleaning stands
  • Differentiation between designed stands of new products and other products
  • Proper stand to brand identity
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