Rice Container

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Rice Container

Designing home appliances is one of the main branches in product design. Desiging kitchen appliances has more importance in this category of products. Rice container or rice storage container is one of the useful products in kitchen which its plastic sorts are popular among people. Different kinds of rice containers in the terms of dimension and capacity are produced. This designed container is 10 litre and has a pivotal valve. This product is designed with the inspiration of peanut. One of the main demands of housewives is arrangement and organizing foods in kitchens. The dishes and containers which are used for this purpose must be beautiful and in harmony with other home appliances and objects. This designed rice container has proper scale to seem more beautiful. Also, being minimal and simple helps this product to be in harmony with every style in a home. Our team designed this container with considering easier and cheaper molding processes, molds and manufacturing trend.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Creating visual and form differences among existed samples and products in the market
  • The possibility of easy washing and cleaning in kitchens
  • Surveying customers and users’ needs and demands
  • Analyzing women’s behavior towards rice containers
  • Decreasing the number of components
  • Ease of production

Properties of the final design

  • Inspiration of peanut form
  • Using soft and dynamic forms and shapes
  • Handles of the container on its sides
  • Using simple and strong connections and joints
  • Ease of carrying and transportation
  • Creating differences while designing it minimal and simple
  • Being in harmony with other home appliances and objects in kitchens because of being simple, minimal and iconic
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