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The uses of samovars in iran is a long tradition for making tea .in other words, it is part of our culture. Past years, the form of samovars was design according to previous examples and often engraved on them.
With time consuming the progress of life, the form of traditional objects seems to be outdated. For this reason, the need for a modern design is felt more than ever. Providing a beautiful formal design with actual performance features requires an industrial designer.
The design of the samovar was done in Ekas Design Studio with the purpose of presenting a modern form, different from the samples available in the market, ease of assembly, ease of cleaning and scaling. Also, due to the difference between the form of the samovar and the existing samples, a teapot was designed to fit. In this project, according to the user usage scenario as well as the characteristics of the target group, the product was examined in terms of ergonomics and anthropometry. The most important part of the project was the adaptation of the modern samovar form to traditional production methods, which was a major challenge in the formwork sector.

Product design challenges

  • Beauty and fit
  • Construction facilities are limited
  • Adaptation of modern form to traditional construction methods
  • Ease of assembly
  • Ease of cleaning and scaling
  • Product ergonomics review

Features of the proposed design

  • New design and Fermi innovation
  • The modern form of the product and its distinction with the samples available in the market
  • Application of target group anthropometry and design with the aim of improving product ergonomics
  • Teapot design to fit the samovar form
  • Ease of assembly, maintenance
  • Body shape fits the factory production facilities
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