Shelter Design

Mahestan Naghsh e Jahan Co.

Shelter Design

Client: Mahestan Naghsh e Jahan Co.

Mahestan tourist and recreational complex in Isfahan highway in Moorcheh-khort with the area of 100 hectares is one of the biggest complexes which is existed on roads among cities in Iran. This huge complex was built near Abbasi ancient and historical caravansary and includes shopping center, accommodations, salon,s Amphitheatres, water games, amusement park, different sports grounds, cycling track, car race lane and so on.  Near 260 shelters are considered for caravansary area. The need of sitting furniture and seats for shelters to create a space according to Iranian culture and customs and the possibility of modern and traditional uses separately were asserted as the initial definition of the issue. Simple and fundamental forms and shapes, ergonomic design, proper design to hexagonal form of the shelter were used in designing furniture of this shelter. Knowing users, people who are related to product in the terms of cultural and social perspectives determine a part of seats’ features. In this recognition, traditional group, sexuality, physical and mental abilities, emotional characteristics and social statue of users must be surveyed and studied.

Challenges of designing

  • Using appropriate materials for outdoor spaces which are proper to weather and geographical conditions of the area
  • Practical compatibility with dimensional features of shelters
  • Shelter’s seats must be designed with long term use approach
  • Preventing from creating statistical moods (isometric) for hip and body muscles
  • The possibility of air circulation in the surface of seats and backs
  • Emphasizing simplicity, clarity and visual sustainability
  • Using materials and colors to induce peace, friendship and safety

Properties of the final design

Formic and performance proportions for spaces and identical elements
Combination of processed woods with bricks of the shelter
Reducing factors that enhance vandalism
The capability of installation and simple implementation
Using metal with electrostatic color cover and thermopine wood for bottoms and back of seats and tables
Considering modern furniture for modern restaurants and traditional furniture such as Takht for the traditional one
Creating harmony with dominant color of caravansary space

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