U.P.S Device

Porsoo Electronic (2017)

U.P.S Device

U.P.S is a nurturing source of electricity. Its main duty is providing the required power of dump load. This system not only stabilizes and regulates electricity of the network, but also prevents noise and network disruptions in sensitive facilities of consumers. Also, U.P.S provides required electricity of consumption equipment with using stored energy in batteries. One of the most important usages of this device is to protect medical equipment and facilities in hospitals and health care centers.

Parsoo electronic industries is one of the biggest producers of nurturing sources of electricity systems in our country. This project is conducted to improve form, function and manufacturing standards. The purpose of this project is defining visual and form identity of Parsoo electronic industries’ products in the trend which develops this compatibility in other products of the company. Other samples of this device usually have minimal, simple and cubic appearance without any designs. In fact, their appearance follows their functions, completely. Curvy and dynamic lines are used in designing the body of U.P.S device to improve form in the terms of aesthetic and define a common identity among this product and others which are produced in Parsoo electronic industries.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Designing panel of the device in big dimensions with plastic injection in order to create enough resistance against impacts, opening and closing
  • Designing airway of the panel
  • Designing panels in the way which does not change the main components with modifying electronic boards
  • Not changing the structure of case in new design
  • Considering the smallest thickness to reduce costs of production

Properties if the final design

  • Reducing weight of the panel
  • Ease of montage and repairing components of the U.P.S panel
  • Improvement of form and Gestalt
  • Defining developmental form identity for other products
  • Increasing the level of section in panel’s negative space and improving air circulation in U.P.S device
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