Urban Kiosk

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Urban Kiosk

Designing urban kiosks and stations is very important because of a variety of reasons. These reasons make the design process more difficult. Urban kiosks are counted as urban furniture according to their appearances, so some considerations related to urban rules such as properness with its environment, safety, preventing kiosks from vandalism and other factors are becoming important in designing them. On the other hand, kiosks are counted as an independent work station in which a person works in it full time. As a result, some factors like ergonomic design, safety, the quality of performance and other needs of the seller must be considered in this small space.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Having the highest amount of safety and designing with the property of being anti-theft
  • The wide viewing angle for watching outer space of kiosk and monitoring the things which are presented in out of the kiosk
  • Used metal and steel components must be protected with various sorts of protective covers
  • Considering accommodation facilities such as cooling, heating and lighting equipment for a person who works in the kiosk
  • Paying attention to weather conditions of the area in selecting materials and design process

Properties of the final design

  • Emphasizing being simple, clarification of designing the kiosk
  • Eliminating various visual identities and the lack of visual coordination
  • Ease of commuting in the kiosk
  • Cost of economic and rational manufacturing
  • The compatibility of manufacturing, installation and easy repairing
  • Visual aesthetic in the coordination with the environment and space which is used for positioning the kiosk
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