Urban Merry-go-round

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Urban Merry-go-round

Merry go round is a revolving round or wheel in which the diameter is 2-3 meter with some beams as a seat, a bearing support and a handle. It is usually used in two ways include standing and sitting. Issues related to safety and ergonomic design in these kinds of play instrument is so important. In this project, designers inspire of the swinging movement of the electromagnetism waves in designing bearing beams. In fact, it is same as beams of merry go round support in rounding which creates wavy-oscillating movement. Also, plated steel balls are used in the center of the merry go round which create deformation and virtual images that are attractive and funny for kids or children.

Related issues to ergonomic design in this project are considered based on kids’ anthropometry. The primary importance in this project is children’s safety. Back of the seats are designed to support children in different amount of centrifugal force. Handles are considered to keep balance for children. Punched sheet metal is used to prevent water supply and fast drying. In addition, these holes in the sitting part cause increasing friction and preventing children from sliding because of turning.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Obeying related issues to ergonomic design and kids’ comforts
  • Visual attraction for kids
  • Using appropriate materials for outdoors
  • Guaranteeing children’s safety in using this product

Properties of the final design

  • Using circular and curvy forms in all parts of the product
  • Using funny, sharp and happy colors for children
  • Vertical swing of sinusoidal forms in round beams in turning time
  • Utilization of sinusoidal forms in the entrance of the equipment and the edges of the chair
  • Utilization of metal mirror ball in the center of the merry go round to provide the facility which helps children to look at themselves in the mirror.
  • Using colored metals
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