Washland Glass Washer Container and Label Design

Condor Co

Washland Glass Washer Container and Label Design

The Washland Sanitary Detergent Packaging Design Project is a part of Condor Cleaning and Detergent Products Company’s portfolio. Condor, a pioneer in the detergent and sanitary products industry, boasts an impressive array of brands such as A.B.C., A.B.C.++, Lifecare, DentCare, Homecare, and Ponell. The creation of the Washland brand aimed to offer consumers a modernized cleanliness experience backed by advanced technology. Within this brand’s range, the Washland Glass Washer stands out, featuring a unique design approach that deviates from conventional market examples.

The design journey of the glass washer container began with formulating the bottle’s design by EKAS Studio’s industrial designers. Once the three-dimensional appearance of the glass washer container was finalized, the focus shifted to the label design. The label’s graphic design aligns seamlessly with the goal of establishing a three-dimensional visual identity for crystal-like clarity, a concept that is echoed in the micro-elements integrated into the container’s body. The packaging label not only encapsulates a sense of glass and crystal but also exudes luxury and brilliance. These attributes complement the overall design of the glass washing bottle, defining a striking feature of this packaging design.

Product Design Challenges

  • Crafting a substantial label surface for enhanced visual presentation.
  • Formulating a shape that embodies the crystalline essence of both packaging and labels.
  • Establishing differentiation from competing products.
  • Addressing weight loss during preform.

Features of the Presented Design

  • Seamless visual harmony between the bottle’s design and label for the glass washing packaging.
  • Conveying a tangible sense of glass and crystal through the design.
  • Incorporation of ample and strategically positioned space for packaging labels.
  • Ergonomic bottle design, ensuring an effortless grip and usability.
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