Washland Laundry Liquid Bottle and Label Design

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Washland Laundry Liquid Bottle and Label Design

The Washland sanitary detergent packaging design initiative stands as a pillar within the brand collection of Condor detergent and cleaning products manufacturing company. Condor, an industry heavyweight and pioneer, boasts a portfolio that includes renowned brands such as A.B.C., A.B.C.++, Lifecare, DentCare, HomeCare, and Ponell. The inception of the Washland brand aimed to revolutionize cleanliness through contemporary technology. Among its offerings lies the Washland laundry liquid, spanning both regular and specialized variants for black clothes. The design brief encapsulates both bottle and label designs in two capacities: 1 liter and 2.4 liters. This endeavor boasts a design approach that is distinct from the norm, crafting a unique presence amidst similar products in the market.

The packaging odyssey commenced with the industrial designers at Ekas Studio shaping the bottle’s form. Rotating and curved surfaces in conjunction with a holistic gestalt were harnessed in the outer design of the laundry detergent bottle. The strategic placement of the label predominantly adopts a rotating form, alluding to the circular door of a washing machine and thereby evoking a sense of rotation. This same rotational motif is transposed onto the label’s design. The bottle’s frontal view features notches and ridges on the top and bottom, invoking fabric softness. These features harmonize seamlessly with the bottle’s rotating form, creating a cohesive aesthetic. The bottle cap, adorned with golden hues, is crowned and curved to imbue a sense of luxury and value. Iterative 3D prototyping paved the way for the design to undergo refinements, culminating in a final form primed for production. Following the endorsement of the bottle’s three-dimensional presentation, the label design phase was initiated. Graphic design for the label strategically harnessed rotational forms and the product’s purpose – multi-purpose clothes. This cohesive design philosophy seamlessly interwove cleanliness, tenderness, and luxury, imbuing a profound sense of brilliance in the packaging label. The amalgamation of black and gold hues instills a striking contrast that accentuates the product’s visibility and conveys a sense of opulence.

Product Design Challenges

  • Maximizing label surface area to enhance visual presentation.
  • Harmonizing a form that encapsulates the laundry liquid’s identity while exuding innovation in packaging design.
  • Establishing product differentiation in a competitive landscape.
  • Unifying packaging aesthetics across various bottle sizes through congruent forms and graphics.

Features of the Presented Plan

  • Effortless product identification as laundry liquid, bolstered by an aesthetically pleasing form designed to stand out amidst competitors on store shelves.
  • Seamless visual cohesion between the laundry liquid bottle and its accompanying label.
  • Strategic utilization of ample space to accommodate packaging labels.
  • Ergonomic design facilitating a comfortable grip for both the bottle’s body and handle.
  • Family design that adheres to a novel form style, ensuring consistency while embracing innovation.
  • Pioneering form innovation within laundry liquid packaging design, differentiating the product from competitors.
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