Zaegheh Milk Bottle

Zaegheh Food Industry (2014)

Zaegheh Milk Bottle

You are able to be creative and innovator in designing and producing bottles and packages. The purpose is attracting customers’ attractions to your own product, so if your package attracts this attention, you are in the correct navigation. Think out of usual forms of packages and find interesting solutions to present your product to purchasers. Do not forget the importance of colors, shapes and typography in the packaging design field. These concepts make connections more than you think.

Milk bottle or milk package is one of the most important kinds of packages in design because they must maintain milk until the expired time. Also, its form and color attractions are very important to children and even adults. In fact, the milk bottle or package must encourage children to drink milk as an essential meal.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Body strength and stability of form in transportation
  • Visual attraction and aesthetic in label and form of the bottle
  • Compatibility of designed form with manufacturing and production processes
  • Compatibility of bottle with labeling and filling machines
  • The possibility of correct arrangement in packages and reducing negative space among bottles

Properties of the final design

  • Simple and minimal form of the bottle which is appropriate to milk color
  • Ease of labelling and filling bottles in the factory
  • Designing form of the product in centers in which there are more concentrations of strains to prevent changing of form against impacts and transportation
  • Using fundamental and supplementary forms for easy arrangement in the main box
  • Using form of drops in designing bottle to associate milk
  • Integrated and fluent forms in order to unify the thickness of bottle’s crust and ease of production
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