Prototyping and Production Consulting

For more than a decade, Ekas Fablab has been involved in the designing and manufacturing of products, particularly those made through sheet-metal working, in a variety of industries, including those incorporating medical equipment, home appliances, IT and banking equipment, and other fields. Ekas Fablab has consistently attempted to offer an innovative solution to create and produce a product. This approach, it provides quality to clients with adequate material and manufacturing method expertise.


By using the right materials and techniques to create a prototype, we give you a quality and suitable prototype to continue the design process and commercialization of the product to test and review the product in terms of performance, form, commercial characteristics, etc.

Checking the Manufacturing Method

Your product should not be made at any cost! We provide you with the best manufacturing solution to help you save time and money while achieving the best appearance and performance quality, and we clarify the correct vision of the future of the product in the production line.

Design and Redesigning

The design of the desired product is carried out in accordance with the brand identity, user requirements, and company goals. This service covers everything from the earliest phases of concept generation to the extremely specific steps of development and production.

Production Consulting

Monitoring the manufacturing process is a step in the design process. In this, concerns including the choice of materials and manufacturing techniques, detail design, and the provision of manufacturing solutions are considered, leading to more precise implementation and higher product quality.

Why Ekas?


We assist you in the production of the product with sufficient knowledge of the materials and materials that are available on the market, as well as the appropriate manufacturing procedure for each of them, which requires up-to-date technological knowledge.


It takes a lot of industrial experience to come up with appropriate solutions and ideas for risk management. The productivity of the product increases with experience.


Your chances of success increase with how closely the final product or prototype matches the original idea. Your finest assistance will be provided by the EKAS manufacturing and production team during this process.

Our Services

ورقکاری خمکاری در زمینه نمونه سازی ایکاس Prototyping Services

1. Sheet-Metal working

The process of shaping metal sheets with the use of specific machines is known as sheet-metal working. This is how many of the things that we use every day are created. Different sheet thicknesses may require a different technique. Ekas Fablab is prepared to offer sheet metal services such as cutting, bending, welding, polishing, connections, etc. by utilizing accurate equipment and an experienced team.

2. Prototyping

Rapid prototyping assists businesses in bringing concepts into reality and achieving a high-quality prototype that resembles the finished products in both appearance and functionality. Rapid prototyping guides products through several validation phases before mass production. Prototyping techniques like 3D printing, foam machining, etc. are employed for this. Our designers evaluate factors linked to the 3D printing process while paying attention to the form and functionality of the product to achieve the best design. You can also use the Ekas design team’s services to evaluate the product design and make changes for cost-effectiveness or printing accuracy.

پرینت سه بعدی 3d print پروتوتایپینگ Prototyping Services
و رنگ کاری فلز در خدمات پروتوتایپینگ ایکاس Prototyping Services

3. Finishing and painting

The parts produced with the sheet metal working technique frequently have metal pleats, are rough, and are uneven. A series of operations known as finishing are carried out to address these issues. The object is also ready for paint after polishing. Different kinds of metal polishing procedures can be employed for various objectives. We can include finishing with felt, wax, gloss, felt glue, scotch finishing, sandblasting, polishing, electroplating, grinding, and powder coating as common finishing techniques.

4. Assembly

Ekas Fab Lab provides quality assembly services for manufactured products and parts. The client’s needs, whether in the context of operational activities, or a single project, will be met in this collection. Even if a part of the process is beyond the capacity or facilities of Fablab, we outsource to achieve production goals. In Ekas FabLab, we anticipate the processes and challenges facing manufacturing and assembly and by using the available facilities, inside and outside the FabLab, we bring the designed product closer to a quality manufactured product.

اتصالات نمونه سازی تولید 01 Prototyping Services


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