UI and UX Design

              User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two key components of every digital product. Your target market first evaluates your product based on its appearance before deciding whether to use it. A strong UX makes using your product pleasant, which encourages current users to continue with it and bring in new consumers. A decent UI can help you attract more users. In light of this, effective UI/UX design boosts sales, facilitates user communication, and ultimately raises user satisfaction.

The user interface of digital products

If you want to create a digital product that interacts with the user via the display, a suitable and well-designed user interface is necessary. Due to the constraints and variations in displays, user interface designs for digital devices like tablets and smartphones generally vary in complexity and usage scenarios.

Web design

Websites are responsively made. In this way, it has two designs: one for the desktop version and one for the mobile version. The purpose of this is to ensure accessibility and a suitable user experience over a variety of devices and display sizes.


Application design

The two operating systems, Android and IOS, are typically used when creating mobile applications. Applications should be designed so that they keep their functionality and appearance across a range of devices with various screen sizes.

Web application design

designing the user interface of web applications or software that cannot be used without the Internet is done by experienced designers to create an attractive user experience, achieving the most optimal performance and the most convenient process of use in Ekas design studio.

Why Ekas?

Understanding User

To give their clients the best possible user interface design, the Ekas designers team has enough experience in the field of user research, understanding the user's personality, needs, behavior, dos and don'ts, and constraints.


In the realm of user interface design, there are numerous cognitive and executive tools, and by mastering them, the designer may offer the clients a perfect product. To develop a successful product, these tools are employed during the design phase.

Being Up to Date

It is crucial to stay current, monitor design trends, and be aware of popular styles to be able to base the design process on them in all design fields, including UI and UX design. The design is memorable as a result.

Design Process


1. Project Define and research

The Ekas team obtains the necessary data from the employer at the beginning of the design process before beginning the project’s research phase. The required time, required features, criteria, and required data are identified during this step by using a variety of information-gathering tools, including surveys, user interviews, and market analysis. These data are then processed and prepared for usage in the following phase.


2. Data Analysis

At this stage, the design team tries to establish a logical connection between the data gathered and reach a conclusion, which will be the criteria for future design and ideas. Creating a user story, user persona, and data analysis are the main steps in this phase.

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3. Ideation

The goal of the design team at this stage is to make a logical connection between the information gathered and come to a conclusion that will act as the standard for future design and ideas. The primary tasks in this phase include developing a user story, and a user persona, and doing data analysis.


4. Evaluating and development

once the user interface has been developed, Before creating the final product, an interactive prototype is created so that it can be tested and any issues can be fixed. Various tests, including accessibility testing, A/B testing, etc., are employed at this point to evaluate the Prototype based on the type of project and constraints. The final design is then sent to the employer together with all the required information after making modifications and improvements.

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UI and UX Projects

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