Exhibition Booth Design for Asia Gostar Saj Asa Co.

Asia Gostar Saj Asa Co.

Exhibition Booth Design for Asia Gostar Saj Asa Co.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Exhibition booth design of a company acts like a showcase which presents products and services of the a company. Because of this reason, exhibition booth design needs an aesthetic, decorative and technical design to show appropriate and strong presence of a company in the exhibition in a crowd of clients and visitors. Asia Gostar Saj Asa is one of the biggest producers of wooden artifacts with “luxury house”, “beauty”, “dreamy” slogans. This booth is designed for the exhibition of furniture and interior design. Required spaces in the booth such as catering counter, negotiation table, catalogue stand, displays and the place of products are considered in designing the exhibition booth design. The main factor in this project is the brand’s slogan “luxury, beauty and dreamy” in the appearance of the booth. Constitution and playing in forms is an element for aesthetic and being luxury. In addition, green color is used to present growth and freshness. In white space of colors in the booth, playing of light among created forms induces a dreamy sense to viewers and visitors. The combination and set of these elements motivates viewer’s curiosity about the inner space of the booth at the first glance.

The challenges of designing the product

  • The difference of this booth in comparison with other exhibition booths and motivating the viewer’s curiosity.
  • Outer walls is constituted from 700 CNC components with the capability of montage in a day
  • Making the roof with cutting and curving forms
  • A special place for selected products

Properties of the final design

  • Inducing brand’s slogan: “luxury, aesthetic, dreamy” in space design
  • Difference of this booth with others and motivating viewer’s curiosity
  • The booth is clear and private
  • Proper positioning of products in the booth
  • Inducing growth and freshness sense
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