Modular Exhibitions Stand

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Modular Exhibitions Stand

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Modular design is a kind of design which is made with the combination of defined elements and components. The first step of this design trend is clarifying an elements or elements based on function, gestalt, dimensions, size and so on which form general limitations and properties of the product. After that, the montage process, connections, the way of combination and the aggression of components are determined. Modular design is useful in the field of designing furniture, toys, IT equipment, software programs and different hardware. Employer’s need in this project is designing a modular stand with the ability of presenting various products with the same dimensions. Other features are the ability of changing arrangements and compatibility with the environment. Exhibition stands are one of the essential and efficient elements in introducing and presenting products in an exhibition booth.

Stands are designed based on the identity of Brand and specifics of designing products in Brand category. The possibilities of accessing to diversity of arrangement and the ability of montage and separating components in the place is considered in this project. Modular system of acrylic cubes with aluminium spacers for connections are used in designing this stand. Other design factors are, modularization, expandability, unique identities, the possibility of presenting products in the form of categories, portability and easiness.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Inducing unique identities of products in designing
  • Modularity
  • Ease of montage and separating the components
  • Ease of transportation and carrying in separate blocks
  • The ability of presenting logos and information separately
  • Lighting
  • Fast and low production
  • Development

Properties of the final design

  • Appropriateness of lighting and general shape of the stand
  • Introducing brand, product and their differences with other existing samles
  • Low cost of manufacturing the stand with considering the designed form and selecting materials
  • Ease of transportation and carrying in the place
  • Appropriateness of conducted design with brand identity
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