Gel-Doc device

Fargene Pouyesh Co. (2015)

Gel-Doc device

After defining a new medical device in concept and planning steps, the next step of its development will be designing. Designing step is counted as the most important step of development in medical equipment. Making mistakes and errors causes some problems such as deactivating performance of the device and its usage. One monitoring process must be defined and conducted in the format of requirements of the quality of the system. In fact, monitoring design is a rational and simple step which helps achieve reliability of product development to fulfill customers’ needs, expectations and demands.

Gel documentation is known as a system for observing, imaging, recording and analyzing Gels. This system is used to take photos of DNA, RNA, protein and colony plates. This device is called Gel image system or gel imager. This device is mostly used in molecular biology laboratories for imaging and documenting Nucleic acid and protein. The purpose of designing this device is enhancing performance efficiency of the device, ease of use and innovative design of Gel-Doc device’s form.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Emphasizing simplicity, clearness in performance and function of the product for users
  • Ease of access to inner parts of the device and camera’s settings
  • Presenting a solution to increase safety against U.V light which releases from the device
  • Considering design solutions to reduce possible errors and mistakes of users while they work with the device
  • Presenting a solution for changing camera’s filters
  • The possibility of fast manufacturing for mass production
  • Designing checking valves based on anthropometric standards and angles

Properties of the final design

Using integrated forms and innovation in designing the body in comparison with other competitors
Presenting a solution for ease of using, monitoring, checking, camera arrangement and access to different parts of the device
Reducing the factors which cause users’ errors and mistakes while using the product
Designing mechanism of changing device’s filters
Sealing the device to prevent from penetrating and exiting U.V light
Using simple and durable mechanism solutions for moving components in the device

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