Ultrasound Probe Tester Device Design



Ultrasound Probe Tester Device Design

Designing medical products comes with immense responsibility due to their direct impact on human health. Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of such products, especially in medical imaging, is paramount. Ultrasound probes are critical equipment, and their precision directly affects doctors’ diagnoses and patients’ treatment journeys. The Ultrasound Probe Testing Device developed by the Electronic Industry Development Company serves as a valuable tool for diagnosing and maintaining the accuracy of ultrasound probes, ensuring the continued functionality of ultrasound systems in clinics and hospitals.

The redesign of the Ultrasound Probe Tester Device focuses on enhancing its appearance, usability, and brand identity. Simultaneously, the design allows for potential expansion into similar products within the same family. Manufacturing and assembly processes were reevaluated to streamline production and maintenance costs. A key objective of the design team was to minimize errors and facilitate secure, dependable connections between probes and adapters, thereby enhancing the speed and precision of the testing process.

The device’s adapter body design accommodates various adapter types, contributing to significant production cost reduction. The incorporation of magnets and a specialized adapter lock design ensures secure connections between adapters and the device, preventing accidental disconnection during the probe testing process.

Product Design Challenges

  • Ensuring the device body’s strength and compliance with standard tests.
  • Developing a secure connection mechanism for adapters to prevent disconnection during testing.
  • Strategically placing port adapters to adhere to technical and electronic device limitations.
  • Enhancing device usability to reduce testing errors during probe assessments.
  • Designing a universal adapter approach suitable for all types, streamlining components.

Features of the Presented Design

  • Optimized assembly, disassembly, and repair procedures to improve device maintenance.
  • Reinforced device body to withstand potential impacts.
  • Aesthetic improvements to elevate the device’s visual appeal.
  • Implementation of magnets and a specialized lock mechanism for secure adapter-device connections.
  • Weight reduction through material and production method adjustments.
  • Designed for potential product line expansion and future development.
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