Laser Spectroscopy Device

Takfamsazan Co. - Shahid Beheshti University (2015)

Laser Spectroscopy Device

Laser spectroscopy devices are used to determine constituent elements of samples in molecules. This action is done by a laser, optically. The process includes some steps. First, the sample is put in the device. Second, the laser light is shone to the sample in absolute darkness. Third, spectrum measurement which is created because of collision is done and presented in the software program. Designing the body is done with the purpose of presenting in domestic and foreign markets, so the design should consider high quality not only for appearance, but also for function and performance. Designing the components must prepare ease of manufacturing and reasonable producing which are considered in the final design. In addition, there are other features such as harmony among form, color and space, improvement of function, lower weight in comparison with existing samples in the market, accessibility to different parts of the device and unique and beautiful appearance in this product. Among these aforementioned properties, designing a new and innovative mechanism for opening the main door is another prominent one in the final design.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Capability of competing with foreign samples
  • Low weight (Two people can carry it)
  • Creating absolute darkness in optical components areas
  • Opening and closing the door of the laser spectroscopy device to access internal spaces
  • Adaptability to optical components which are existed in the market
  • Beautiful and unique appearance in comparison with existing products

Features of the proposed design

  • Beautiful and unique appearance
  • The combination of metal and plastic
  • Using new mechanism for main doors of the device
  • Capability of accessing to all parts of the device
  • Ease of accessibility to different parts of the microscope
  • Using light materials to dwindle weight of the device
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