Lensless Microscope Design

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Lensless Microscope Design

Lensless microscopes, also known as holographic microscopes, are a type of microscope that does not use traditional lenses for magnifying images. Instead, they utilize a process called holography to create a digital hologram of the specimen, which is then used for image reconstruction and formation. While lensless microscopes offer several advantages, such as simplicity and lower cost, the design of these products presents various challenges.

One of the primary obstacles in lensless microscope design is achieving sufficient resolution for accurately imaging small samples. This requires precise control of illumination, light detection, and optimization of holographic algorithms used in image reconstruction. Additionally, since these microscopes are sensitive to vibrations and temperature changes, the proposed design incorporates a connected body and internal parts that resist these environmental factors, thereby enhancing image clarity.

The product’s design features a cohesive and clear form. It distinguishes itself from existing models on the market while aligning with its functionality. Its gestalt makes it user-friendly, with visually reduced volume achieved through fading lines and broken lines on surfaces that create a unique identity for the product.

Product Design Challenges

  • Limitation on the height of the lens to the sample.
  • Maintaining a constant height of the sample relative to the optical platform of the device.
  • Ensuring the stability of the arrangement of the internal parts of the device based on the optical nature of the microscope.
  • Providing access to electronic components without fully opening the body of the device.
  • Matching the form with the usage environment, considering dimensional limitations.

Features of the Presented Design

  • Ease of assembling the product.
  • Easy access to internal parts.
  • The modern and distinctive form of the device that conforms to the dimensional standards of the device.
  • The surface fractures has contributed to having a design form language.

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