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Zino Ultrasound Device Design

In the quest for sustained success, companies must continually innovate, developing and launching new products alongside their expanding range. Yet, the path to success for new products is fraught with challenges, with only a handful out of the multitude attaining market acceptance. Achieving this demands a deep understanding of the target market, consumers, and competitors, along with the ability to overcome numerous hurdles.

Enter Zino, an ultrasound device birthed under the guidance of Mod Fanavaran Plus. The central concept was to create an affordably priced device catering to both professionals and cost-conscious individuals, effectively democratizing access. The design approach amalgamated value addition with aesthetic innovation. Cost-effective decisions like eliminating height adjustment mechanisms shaped the device’s dimensions to suit the 50th percentile of users, while relocating probe transducers to the device’s rear enhanced usability and aesthetics.

Zino’s distinct aesthetic design differentiates it from existing market exemplars, with functional considerations steering the form’s development. The device’s arm mechanism facilitates diverse viewing angles of the monitor, a testament to the mechanical design team’s ingenuity. Zino’s excellence was acknowledged with a silver medal in the 2021 International Design Awards within the medical equipment design category.

Product Design Challenges

  • Tailoring dimensions to match usage scenarios and locations.
  • Strict adherence to medical equipment design standards.
  • Crafting an innovative and novel form.
  • Seamless integration of form and function.
  • Ensuring part suitability for assembly and disassembly scenarios.
  • Curbing construction costs without compromising quality.

Features of the Presented Design

  • Reimagining part arrangement and access for optimal utility.
  • Unveiling a distinctive form that sets it apart from existing market offerings.
  • Simplified repair processes through intuitive assembly and disassembly mechanisms.
  • Enhanced body durability through the integration of a reinforcing metal structure.
  • Seamless harmony between parts’ form and performance.


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