Zino Ultrasound Device Design

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Zino Ultrasound Device Design

Companies aiming for success must not only focus on their existing and growing products but also engage in the design, development, and production of new products. Although the chances of success for new products are not always high, among thousands of new products, only a few successfully secure their place in the market. To successfully introduce a product to the market, a company must overcome many obstacles and have a thorough understanding of the target market, consumers, and competitors.
ZINO is an ultrasound device designed upon the request of Med Fanavaran Plus Company. The primary objective of its development was to create a cost-effective device suitable for professional use, thereby increasing accessibility for individuals with limited financial resources. In other words, this device is available to the target group with less financial power. The design team aimed to add value through a smart combination of innovation and aesthetic beauty in designing this device. As the height adjustment mechanism has been eliminated to save costs, the dimensions of the ultrasound device are designed according to the 50th percentile users. The transducer converters have been relocated to the back of the device, making the management of the usage process easier while providing a neater appearance. While ZINO’s aesthetic design is distinguished from other models available in the market, its principle follows functionality over form.

Different monitor viewing angles will be achievable thanks to its arm mechanism, a feature achieved through the mechanical design team’s efforts. The ZINO ultrasound device has won a silver medal in the International Design Awards 2021 competition in the medical equipment design category in the USA.

Product Design Challenges

  • Appropriately tailored dimensions aligned with product usage environment and scenarios.
  • Strict adherence to medical equipment design standards.
  • Designing an innovative and novel form.
  • Seamless integration of form and function.
  • Component compatibility concerning assembly and disassembly scenarios.
  • Curbing manufacturing costs without compromising quality.

Features of the Presented Design

  • Rearrangement of components and accesses for enhanced functionality.
  • A new and distinctive form compared to existing models in the market.
  • Ease of part repair, considering the assembly and disassembly process.
  • Enhanced body durability and strength through the integration of a reinforced metal structure.
  • Seamless integration of components’ form and performance.
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