Baby laundry detergent packaging design


Baby laundry detergent packaging design

In the packaging of detergents, especially liquids, in addition to product branding, product identification, non-vulnerability in transportation, protection of package contents and non-leakage are also important. In addition, in the discussion of packaging ergonomics, proper grip is one of the factors that have a great impact on the ease of use of the product.

In the packaging of Gallino baby laundry detergent, the location of the handle, its shape and dimensions are designed in a way that makes the product easy to use. In addition, the form not only allows the buyer to distinguish the product, but also maintains its distinction among the products on the market.

The relatively high area of ​​the product label makes it easier for the brand to design the label, and allows the brand to express more identity when the packaging is placed on the shelves among other similar products on the market.

In dimensions of packing, less space in today’s homes are considered so that the product takes up less space despite the sufficient capacity and in proportion to the needs of the family. The design of this package with curved and integrated lines and smooth and unbroken surfaces evokes softness and elegance, and its general form is reminiscent of the womb of mother and child.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Ergonomic handle and proper grip
  • Appropriate volume
  • Perfect space for labels
  • Coordination of form and content of packaging
  • Ability to identify the product and differentiate it in the market

Features of the proposed design

  • Fetus-inspired form in the mother’s womb
  • Soft and curved surfaces evoke softness and elegance
  • Extensive space for product labels
  • Ease of use
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