Thermos Design

طراحی صنعتی- طراحی محصول - طراحی ماگ - ظروف نگهدارنده غذا- فلاسک- 01

Thermos Design

Due to the importance of consuming enough fluids during the day, especially when doing heavier activities such as exercise, mountaineering and hiking, water-retaining bottles that can also be reused are one of the most widely used products for different groups.

Vacuum flasks, also called dewar bottle or thermos, are insulated bottles designed to keep water’s temprature constant for a longer period of time (to keep them colder or warmer than the ambient temperature). In addition to maintaining temperature, these bottles Liquids are also more durable at the user’s expected temperature.

Double-walled flasks are made up of two separate metal bottles, one smaller than the other and placed inside a larger bottle. The two bottles are connected at the edge and a vacuum is created in the space between them. In this way, double-walled flasks can significantly reduce the heat transfer between the liquid inside the bottle and the surrounding environment. The higher quality flasks, in addition to having an insulating body, are also insulated in the door section to minimize heat transfer through the door of the bottle.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Match the appearance of the product with strength, solidity, durability and energy concepts.
  • Can be used in sports clubs and outdoors
  • Due to the metallic nature of the bottle body and the method of production, the freedom of action in designing the metal bottle form is minimized.
  • Having a separate opening for drinking from the bottle
  • Maintain hygiene when used
طراحی صنعتی- طراحی محصول - طراحی ماگ - ظروف نگهدارنده غذا- فلاسک- 04
طراحی صنعتی- طراحی محصول - طراحی ماگ - ظروف نگهدارنده غذا- فلاسک- 05

Features of the proposed design

  • Innovative aesthetic
  • One-handed usable, which facilitates using the bottle while doing some activities like cycling, also make the product suitable for the users with different abilities
  • Insulated cap
  • Having a cap holder prevent the spout cap from being lost or dropping
  • Unisex design
  • Leakproof
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