Attendance Device

Tasnim Information and Communication Technology (2018)


Attendance Device

The Attendance device is an electronic product which helps staff to record traffic, footwork, vacation, mission and other information in an organization. According to the necessity of accuracy in authentication of staff identities, the attendance device is used as one of the popular and outstanding solutions to guarantee safety. Biometric algorithms are referred to these solutions. Some of them are finger print, retinal pattern, iris, portraits and so on which are placed next to the passwords and identity cards. They also provide complete safety of identity authentication.

Tasnim company is one of the producers of traffic control systems, attendance device, plaque reader, traffic control gate and so on. The purposes of this project includes the improvement of device’s function, increasing beauty and visual attraction in comparison with existing samples, having the capability of competence in comparison with domestic and foreign samples. All the aforementioned purposes were responded in Ekas design studio. We are able to refer some main factors in conducted design such as ease of manufacturing and assembling, ease of repairing and maintenance, the quality of body, beauty and accuracy. The body of this product is designed in a trend which does not damage the device because of the repetitive actions like opening and closing.  Furthermore, if one of the components has a problem, they will be repaired or replaced easily.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Due to the diversity of existing modules in the market, the design should provide the possibility for installing different modules on the body.
  • Joints and components in the device must have vibration resistance and impact strength. Moreover, users should not open and close joints and components easily, and they should not be able to separate joints and components easily.
  • Resistance of joints against opening, closing and repairing
  • Designing a creative form which is different from other competitive samples

Properties of the final design

  • Proper and correct placement of inner components and accuracy in device’s function
  • Water resistance
  • The possibility of creating little changes in body components without changing the main body
  • Considering resistance for body and components against impacts and vibrations
  • Ease of installation
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