Bottle and Label Design for Washland Laundry Liquid

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Bottle and Label Design for Washland Laundry Liquid

The packaging design project of Washland sanitary detergent products is one of the brands of Kander detergent and cleaning products manufacturing company. Kander is one of the big companies and one of the first companies in the field of detergent and hygiene products. This company has established famous brands such as A.B.S., A.B.S.++, Lifecare, Dentaker, Homecare, and Ponell within its brand. The Washland brand was created to provide a new experience of cleanliness to consumers using up-to-date technology. One of the products of the Washland brand is laundry liquid and laundry liquid for black clothes. Its design brief includes bottle design and label design in two weights of one liter and 2.4 liters with a distinctive design approach compared to the samples in the market.


The packaging design process started with the design of the bottle form by the industrial designers of Ekas Studio. In the design of the outer form of the laundry detergent bottle, curved and rotating surfaces, and general gestalt are used in such a way that the place of the label is to a large extent a rotating form inducing the circular door of the washing machine and representing the rotation, which is the same procedure in the design of its label Is considered. On the top and bottom of the bottle from the front view, some notch and ridges induce the softness of the fabric, which is in harmony with the shape and rotating gestalt of the bottle. The cap of the bottle is designed in the form of a crown and a curve to give a feeling of luxury and value to the product with golden color. In several stages of 3D prototyping, it allowed the design team to modify the final design form in several stages and gradually make it final and ready for molding. After confirming the three-dimensional appearance of the dishwashing liquid bottle, the design of the bottle label began and the graphic design of the label was carried out to create a visual identity based on the rotating form and the use of the washing liquid, which is intended for multi-purpose clothes. Inducing a sense of cleanliness, tenderness, and softness, at the same time, a sense of luxury and brilliance in the design of the packaging label, which is by the gestalt of the form and its application, is one of the prominent features of this packaging design. The combination of black and gold colors together in the black packaging creates an attractive color contrast for the product, which helps the product to be visible and luxurious.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Creating a large label surface for a better visual presentation of the product
  • Creating a form that, in addition to having the identity of the washing liquid product, innovation can be seen in its packaging design.
  • Creating differentiation from competing products
  • Designing packaging in the same family for all bottle sizes by creating form and graphic commonalities

Properties of the final design

  • The ease of identifying the product as a washing liquid, along with the attractiveness and fit of the form, to better see the product among the multitude of competitors’ products in the stores.
  • Creating visual harmony in the packaging design between the bottle and the label of the laundry liquid packaging
  • Suitable and large space for packaging labels
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip of the body and the handle of the dishwashing liquid bottles
  • Same design vibe with a new form style
  • Form innovation in the design of laundry liquid packaging compared to competitors
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