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Delup Water purifier

Given the distinctive molecular structure of water that allows it to dissolve numerous substances and considering our body’s requirement for clean drinking water, ensuring its healthiness before consumption becomes imperative. Urban water purification processes eliminate various water pollutants; however, due to antiquated urban plumbing systems, pipe sediments can still find their way into the water. Household water purifiers employ multiple stages of filtration to eliminate microorganisms, sediments, soil, chlorine, and other additional substances from the water.

The design process of the Delup water purifier commenced with the objective of enhancing functionality, form, and design while keeping the final product’s cost at a minimum. Thus, alongside the manufacturing methodology, the primary constraint was the ultimate product cost. Nevertheless, the product’s design was tailored to its usage environment, considering the availability of various settings without necessitating product relocation. The overall internal components’ arrangement was devised in a manner that not only ensures optimal and efficient performance but also suggests a highly adaptable mode suitable for any location due to the device’s compact size.

Design Challenges

  • Enhancing the product’s appearance to align with its surroundings
  • Focusing on the product’s manufacturing process
  • Simplifying the process of part replacement and repair
  • Strategically arranging components and filters for optimization
  • Ensuring the form and color harmonize with the product’s essence

Features of the Final Design

  • Elevated product performance and stability
  • Clean and uncomplicated form, utilizing a neutral color for optimal synergy of aesthetics and functionality
  • Seamless part replacement and access to all constituents
  • Aesthetically pleasing form that aligns with the product’s manufacturing method
  • User-friendly design, minimizing the potential for consumer errors
  • Cost reduction
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